25 years 

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designing ,fabricating and fitting insulation and cladding solutions for industry in the Uk and Ireland

We have recently completed projects directly or via established contractors for some of these reputable clients. 


Five sided cladding on HVAC Ducting

Aluminium sheeting designed and prefabricated in our workshop to accommodate a pitched roof running the full width of rectangular ventilation. Including transition pieces , tee sections and bends. Featuring a centred apex to allow water runoff on both sides and prevent bird and vermin damage.


Callan reach completion of Almac Dundalk


 30 April 19

We have recently completed thermal insulation works to a new temperature controlled cold store and distribution facility in Dundalk. A large amount of high and low grade chilled water ,heating, domestic  pipework and ventilation serve storage fridges and chill beams to achieve an innovative and dynamic heating cooling system. All pipework and ventilation insulated to BS5422 . External chilled water pipework  insulated with phenolic insulation and cladded with prefabricated aluminium including removeable toggle boxes limiting fit time on site, waste and reducing risks for our operatives

Callan complete works in new food factory

27 August 2019


We have recently completed HVAC insulation works to finnebrougue foods new vegan factory on the outskirts of Downpatrick . The factory consists of production areas,office space and cold storage. Internal Ventilation and pipework serving production areas insulated using class "0" foil faced mineral wool . Extenal pipework and tanks were insulated with a prefabricated triple vapour barrier system . Phenolic foil , polyisobutylene and aluminium sheeting . Cladding was prefabricated off site, reducing time spent on site and providing less risk for our operatives .

Recent projects

   Steam tunnel : Aluminium cladded steam and condensate lines

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July 2018 (Aluminium cladded pipework and tanks)

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Tanks insulated with 100mm PIR insulation and cladded in coated metal cladding

 (5 sided Aluminium cladding on insulated HVAC ducting)

Containerised boiler unit 

 Chilled water project September 2017

Pharmaceutical plantroom  Portadown March 2017

New construction: Concentrix office development  Belfast.

New construction: pharmaceutical refrigeration and office complex 

Chilled water, heating, V.T pipework and ventilation serving chilled beam and refridgeration units