Callan insulation have been active in the marine, petrochemical, H&V and industrial insulation sector for 23 years and have developed a reputable reputation. We have a team of experienced thermal insulation engineers and sheet metal workers that strive to complete a project safely,on time and to a high standard. All contracts and enquiries follow our successful operation procedure:








We will measure and give a free estimate for any relevant project. We can arrange for a site visit or provide a quotation from technical drawings and plans. We have a comprehensive knowledge of insulation specific material science and BS and can recommend specifications based on this.

Design and develop

Our workshop facilities can cater for large manufacturing needs. We continue to invest in the equipment and technology to design and develop high quality sheet metal insulation products.


Before we commence work on any site we focus intently on the safety of our workers. All of our operatives must have the suitable training to undertake the job. We have always had a "safety first" culture and we continue to improve and develop this at every opportunity. We will be in close contact with the client to ensure all necessary permits and paperwork are in place before we begin.

Fit & check

With our team of experienced thermal insulation engineers and sheetmetal workers we can provide a swift, safe and reliable service. We liase closely with the client to ensure all works are completed to the highest standard. After works are completed we conduct our own quality assessment checks to ensure the job is handed over at the highest quality.