Prefabrication services

Pharmaceutical and food production

 We have 25 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical  and food sector.Working closely with our clients providing high spec insulation solutions for tanks, reactors, vessels, autoclaves and process pipework.We work closely with our clients to ensure that high Safety and GMP standards are met. Using prefabrication we can:
-Eliminate Hot works on site
-Reduce time in sensitive production areas such as API,ATEX, asceptic suites and food prep areas.
-Provide a higher quality and safer finish.
-Integrate with client scheduling such as shutdowns or preventative maintaince.
- Provide High standards of safety and GMP
- Integrate personal protection into the design process

Boilerhouses and plantrooms

The confines of a boiler house can pose a challenge to most contractors . Small working areas and overcrowding can provide an unsafe and unproductive environment. By using BIM modelling ,fabrication drawings and site measures we can prefabricate off site reducing time on site, providing more room for other trades and improving safety standards.

Hvac external ducting

Our innovative aluminium pitched roof system for insulated HVAC  ducting is prefabricated offsite and can provide a robust system that reduces water and snow infiltration and provides a much longer lifespan than traditional flat topped cladding.

Engine rooms
Steam generation
Tanks vessels reactors
Removeable Valve jackets and boxes