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Prefabrication and M.M.C

We are proud to have worked with some of northern Irelands leading companies in the field of prefabrication and modern Methods of Construction. By working with companies like alternative heat for many years we have incorporated many aspects of prefabrication into our own ethos 

By continuing to invest in the right people and by upgrading our workspace we have made it possible to incorporate MMC into as many  projects as possible.

With projects involving Aluminium/Stainless steel/Alloys or Removeable thermal jackets we aim to achieve :


: Record   detailed and accurate site measures digitally.

: Archive on our systems and distribute to contract managers and our sheet metal team

: Fabricate and code parts in our store 

: Install on site

We estimate this to cut time on site by as much as 50% on compatible projects

Meaning in  general: 

Less time on site

Higher quality install

Controlled and safer work environment

competitive pricing

Customers who reap the most benefits from our system are:

:Pharmaceutical companies particularly in asceptic suites, Atex areas or production areas where time and non hot works are a critical component

: Prefabricated boiler houses/ chiller rooms/ CHP/ Generators etc that have a narrow window of install before shipping

: Agri-food and Food production, where working in production areas or livestock quarters is time dependant

: Healthcare environments that have a narrow window of time for completion


; Shutdown time windows common in industrial processing sectors 

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